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The availability of primary and secondary healthcare to the majority of a country’s resident population is a significant financial and operational challenge for most developing countries. The prohibitive costs and lack of sufficient technical expertise present a barrier to those elected governments operating with limited resources. Often compounded by a growing population with significantly diverse   demographics, the logistics of coordinating quality healthcare at a National Level to the required standards can be complex and challenging.

 The design, development, resourcing and subsequent management of a National Health Service, taking a 360 degree view of a Nations Healthcare needs both today and for the future is a major challenge.
In countries where an NHS system has existed for over five decades, further development and enhancements are introduced annually and on a continuous basis. In developing countries many elements fundamental to a functioning NHS are still being introduced and rendered operational.
Remus Expertise
Remus’s team of Physicians and Senior Healthcare Administrators have over thirty years of proven expertise in developing, managing and delivering healthcare services at regional and national levels in S.E.Asia and the Middle East. The team has managed and operated medical centres and hospitals to recognized International Standards in densely populated as well as remote locations. A number of senior members of the team have been called upon by the “UNDP” and “WHO" to provide assistance in “Disaster Relief” situations where the risks of mortality through the spread of diseases as epidemics are high.
Remus has access, through the Remus Medical Network, to over 25,000 Medical Services Professionals operating across the globe. So the ability to bring qualified professionals to “Manage and Operate “ facilities as well as to “Train and Develop” local healthcare professionals is fine-tuned as an integral part of the Remus Offer.
Remus Partnership
Remus Medical seeks to “Partner” with National Governments in the development and provision of healthcare services, in so doing provide the government entity with access to financial and technical resources appropriate to the scale of healthcare services targeted. The financial and operational platform that Remus Medical can provide will facilitate the further development of both primary and secondary healthcare services through a suitable “Public Private Partnership” agreement. Most applicable to long term programmes, in terms of scale and scope, the benefits of this agreement can be derived on a sustainable basis.
The ability to sustain a high standard of Healthcare using local resources and without foreign intervention is the ultimate prize which can be leveraged through a PPP with Remus. Building healthcare capability and capacity is at the core of all Remus programmes, so that the National Government Partner takes full ownership over a clearly defined timeframe.
Free &Functioning National Health Service
Considered by many, including the Board of Remus, a basic human right that a local national has access to suitable primary and secondary healthcare, and yet the number of people who enjoy such a service from their National Governments is falling.
No National Government today has the ability to provide such a service without access to the resources available in the Private Sector. Remus looks to develop a common vision with its National Government Partner in developing such a health service addressing all areas of activity be they structural, operational or financial. The subsequent implementation can be done within a clearly defined framework and timeframe, with the flexibility to upgrade as requirements change over time.
In application of the Remus Model, changes are made to take account of local circumstances and needs, both today and in the future. Thus the NHS programme delivered is always country specific. This a joint effort of the entire community of stakeholders not just Remus and the National Government concerned, but the local community and , where relevant, organisations such as the “WHO” , "IMF" and "WORLD BANK". Philanthropic individuals and entities have a key role to play and can be accessed through Remus.