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World Healthcare
Based upon statistical data from the IMF, World Bank and the WHO, currently in excess of 35% of the world's population does not have access to primary or secondary healthcare of a recognised international standard. In short more than three billion people are unable to receive basic treatment for common and curable ailments. Forecasts show the situation is deteriorating every year. After two millennia of global development we have much work to be done. At Remus our "VISION" is to reverse these statistics over the next 20 years to 2038 in a manner which positively impacts 5% of the global population, circa 400 million people.
GNHS Programme
At Remus, over the last 6 years, a team of forward thinking experts have come together to create the GNHS Programme - Global Healthcare Programme. It is the first "TURN KEY" programme of its kind in the world today. From infrastructure and the construction of physical structures through to the procurement of medicine and the creation of a "cadre" of medical services professionals in each country of deployment, GNHS is self contained and will operate to recommended standards published by the WHO.
The Nature of the Challenge
The combination of a lack of "Political Will" with scarce "Financial & Technical" resources as well "Sustainability over time" has rendered a functional National Health Service beyond the reach of most developing Nation States. On the continents of Africa, South America and in parts of South East Asia accessible healthcare is exclusively the realm of the affluent minority of the population. Remus has addressed with GNHS the area of financial and technical resources to deploy a Nationwide Programme, which can be tailored to meet the needs of the local population. However the questions of political will and sustainability remain significant challenges to be addressed.
Work with National Governments - Political Will
Remus has held discussions with one National Government so far, and after a detailed review of GNHS by medical experts in their Ministry for Health, preliminary Presidential Approval has been obtained, confirming both the need and validity of the programme. Remus will seek with numerous Nation State Governments a simple exchange. The deployment of GNHS free of cost in exchange for access to develop relevant petroleum and non petroleum mineral assets. The National Governments will naturally share in the profits of the commercialization of these assets, however more importantly 20% of the profits generated will be allocated to the ongoing running and management of GNHS.
Remus Coin - Sustainability
With an average annual cost of $1,000 per person for the provision of healthcare, running costs nationally can rapidly become billions of dollars, a severe strain on government finances. With little fiscal discipline in many developing Nation States, tax revenues are modest. As such we have decided to launch in 2018 Remus Coin, to enable healthcare users to pay for healthcare using Remus Coin. In addition and for purposes of SECURE ASSET BACKING the profits of minerals development in each country will be allocated to Remus Coin ensuring an annual growth in value for healthcare users providing them with a potential rise in their standard of living. Local business and organisations will be encouraged to adopt Remus Coin as a means of payment for their products and services thereby creating a micro economy driven by the people for the people with limited government intervention and institutional cost for executing transactions. In this manner we create a nescient mechanism through the use of Remus Coin to render sustainable healthcare to local populations. Our ICO - Initial Coin Offering - is planned for April 2018.