Welcome to Remus Corporation

Remus Approach

By definition the projects that Remus engages in have a duration of several years from inception to final delivery and activation. With a focus on “Turn Key” solutions every project is designed to take into account existing facilities, possibly to be upgraded, to infrastructure needs, such as electricity, sanitation and related utilities. Projects are designed to meet  “Current Day” needs as well as those required for the “Next 20 years”  thus a significant focus is based on sustainability for future generations of the projects delivered.

 With operational bases in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong, Remus is seeking to establish a position on the African Continent, in so doing moving a step closer to being able to operate globally. Currently the focus will be to establish an operational base in West Africa where it is felt Remus can make a positive contribution to the development needs of National Governments in this region.