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Remus Petroleum

For many developing countries the discovery of petroleum assets can often be a “Game Changer” in terms of a step change in GDP growth. The ability to develop and exploit petroleum assets requires in depth financial and technical resources, once exclusively the domain of International Oil Companies. (IOC’s).

Many petroleum service companies today provide a source of technical expertise which is readily available to National Governments. Remus Petroleum is comprised of a team of industry experts, some formerly executives of IOC’s, who possess over 25 years of experience in coordinating and managing Oil Exploration as well as Refining and Marketing programmes.

Remus Approach
Oil Exploration is at best a science based on probabilities of success. The journey from the sourcing of potential petroleum deposits to reaching full production is fraught with uncertainties and significant costs. The geology and geophysics is naturally specific to geographic location and this “Know How” is jealously guarded. Remus Petroleum provides National Governments with the ability to manage and coordinate the development of their petroleum assets, whilst at the same time facilitating access to the in depth financial resources to fund development programmes. Thus a “Partnership” with Remus gives National Governments greater control over their petroleum assets and a more equitable platform of commercial arrangements and returns then otherwise possible.

For numerous decades countries that have discovered petroleum deposits have been forced to operate a crude oil for petroleum products exchange activity with the operators of their oil fields. Needless to say it has long been understood that such arrangements do not provide National Governments with the most equitable pricing arrangements for the acquisition of refined products. Remus can provide the Refining & Marketing expertise to render more commercially attractive such arrangements. 

Remus Partnership
Through a “Partnership” with Remus Petroleum, National Governments, consequently enjoy a far greater revenue stream from their participation in the development of their petroleum assets. Remus thus provides the vehicle through which an Energy Strategy can be developed and implemented.

The development of a country’s long term energy needs requires considerable planning and structuring as well as securing the financial arrangements to sustain the development of energy sources over at least a 25 year timeframe.

The identification of the most suitable “Energy Mix” is of paramount importance to mitigate the dependence on fossil fuels. The use of Hydro Electric power generation sources as well as Renewable Energy sources plays an important role in shaping the “Energy Portfolio” and creating a degree of sustainability to the final development programmes.

Energy Self Sufficiency
The ultimate prize for many Nation States, however very few today have sufficient natural resources at their disposition to achieve this position. Many countries supplement their energy deficit with the importing of fuel and gas from producing countries.

For developing countries whose population growth annually place ever increasing demands on the countries energy resources, the challenge can seem too great to deal with strategically. Often being forced to revert to short term tactical decisions to avoid “Black Outs” and other disruptive occurrences, National Governments need to Partner with the Private Sector to stabilize their positions.

Remus provides government with the resources to plan and develop a coherent “Energy Strategy” addressing short term demands whilst structuring the optimal “Energy Mix” to meet requirements for at least the next 25 years. This is a complex task which requires the appropriate level of “Technical Expertise” to structure a pragmatic and feasible strategy going forward. Remus will develop, operate and resource such programmes in conjunction with National Governments.