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Remus Infrastructure

Remus infrastructure is made up of three areas of activity, Roads Infrastructure, Utilities &Services and Sanitation & Waste Treatment. Each area is lead by an experienced team of industry practitioners who have over 25 years proven experience in designing, resourcing and managing complex projects in each area.
A given in many developed countries, it is a hugely important area for developing countries whose ability to drive economic growth by exploiting their natural resources are often undermined by the lack of suitable infrastructure in the above areas.
Roads Infrastructure
A well built network of primary and secondary roads and corresponding services linking a country’s towns, cities, airports and ports are vital arteries for long term economic growth. Remus is able to build up to 1,000km of road surface a year with all corresponding services and supporting structures. The commercially attractive costs and significantly reduced timeframes using Remus’s technology render large scale projects technically and economically viable for National Governments.
Utilities & Services
Access to electricity and other utilities at a regional and national level on a sustainable basis often pose technical and economic challenges beyond the capabilities of National Governments in many developing countries. Remus provides “cost effective” and “fit for purpose” solutions which can subsequently be “scaled up” to meet regional and national requirements. Partnering with Remus, National Governments are provided with the resources to implement a “phased development programme” over realistic timeframes to meet these challenges.
Sanitation & Waste Treatment
For developing countries, often an area which is under estimated and sometimes neglected, obtaining relevant standards of “basic sanitation” and the “non toxic” treatment of human and industrial waste, present conflicting challenges. Foreign and local corporations often exploit these under developed and unregulated conditions in developing countries in their pursuit of profit with disastrous implications for the health of the local population. Remus provides National Governments with solutions which cover three main areas, technical, financial and regulatory. In so doing National Governments from the outset are able to adopt Internationally recognized norms and standards whilst activating an appropriate regulatory framework to ensure foreign and local corporations conform to sensible standards which protect the rights of the resident population.
For resident nationals this is a basic “Human Right” whilst for Corporations, foreign and local, it is an integral part of their “license to Operate” granted by National Governments.