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Remus Construction

The team at Remus construction brings with it over 40 years of proven expertise acquired through building residential, commercial, educational and medical facilities in four continents across the world. Often required to operate in remote locations, the expertise within the team has been extended to provide relevant supporting infrastructure to construction projects, such as the deployment of roads, installation of drainage and sanitation systems as well as the provision of electricity. Indeed Remus Construction, unlike other developers, provides “TURN KEY" solutions including the furnishing and equipping of facilities built.

With a focus on projects in developing countries, Remus has developed its own  technologies and methodologies for building structures. These provide up to a 25% reduction in build costs over traditional methods as well as a 30% reduction in timeframes. Over large scale developments these factors have a significant impact for our clients. All structures are built to British Building Standards or their International equivalents and delivered with 10 year structural guarantees.

Remus Approach

Remus Construction thus offers National Governments not just a construction company but an “Integrated Solution Provider of Structures” whereby governments are provided with fit for purpose structural solutions on a turnkey basis in shorter timeframes. It is now the norm that Remus Construction has become an integral service provider for the activities of the other Remus Group companies and as such is rarely involved in “One Off” stand alone construction projects.

Remus construction, over recent years has focused on Educational and Medical Services structures, which are in great demand in developing countries. Currently build capabilities are at up to 20 schools a year hosting up to 1,000 students  each with all ancillary facilities and furnishings provided and 10 Hospital Units per year  each offering 300 bed day care facilities and being able to treat up to 1,500 patients per day. Often an integral part of broader strategic government programmes, Remus Construction’s ability to rapidly deploy structures on commercially attractive terms remains a key success factor in the mobilisation phases of such programmes.

Innovative Technology

Remus construction uses “ICF – Insulated Concrete Form” technology with many of its structures. The speed of deployment at economically attractive terms renders large scale projects deliverable in meaningful timeframes. The insulation characteristics of this technology can contribute up to 35% reduction in the heating / cooling requirements of structures built.

All structures adhere strictly to British Building standards and as such are delivered with suitable structural guarantees. Remus in its pursuit of excellent materials is always developing new methodologies and processes to support the deployment of these technologies in its primary structures.

Remus conducts its own research into innovative technologies through third party engineering laboratories and assessment agencies to assess feasibility of use and the production on scale for large projects. This is an ongoing part of the Company’s desire to improve the quality of products and services it can offer its clients and partners.

Build Quality

There are no compromises in this area as far as Remus is concerned, especially as the structures are to be used by the general public. Remus structures stand the test of time and are built to the highest standards of build integrity. The choice of materials is amongst the finest available in the market today.

The technicians, engineers and design professionals have been involved in the building of some of the most Iconic structures in Europe, Middle East and Asia. They provide our clients with the necessary assurance on “Quality” whilst meeting their bespoke build requirements.

International Accreditation is standard operating practice for Remus, specifically with the norms for Hospitals and Schools which have to be followed rigidly to ensure the safety and security of members of the public who will use these facilities on a daily basis.