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Remus Strategy

A wholly owned subsidiary of the Remus Corporation, Remus Strategy is comprised of a team of seasoned industry sector practitioners, each with at least two decades of relevant sector expertise. Unlike traditional consulting organisations, Remus Strategy is lead by a “Front Line” team of professionals who have designed, developed, resourced and managed strategic initiatives at a National Level in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Remus Strategy does not operate as a standalone consulting company, indeed it forms part of the “Mobilisation Team” on every major project that the Remus Corporation is involved in. In so doing the initial analysis of the actual challenges on the ground in launching any project is understood and evaluated with practical solutions and related costs and timeframes to implementation. 

A Sustainable Strategy 

The configuration of the team will vary depending on the nature of the project involved ensuring the appropriate level of technical expertise is available on day 1 of mobilisation. This team provides key input to the strategy for project implementation identifying short, medium and long term goals. Thus there are short term tactical decisions as well as long term strategic decisions to be taken acknowledging and addressing the local constraints.

On a daily basis most governments face competing demands upon their limited resources which can hinder progress upon an agreed upon project and its delivery. Remus can help make these difficult choices, prioritizing resources in order to make progress towards meeting agreed long term strategic goals. Remus can draw upon its significant expertise and provide a structured approach, taking into account current and future needs in managing, meeting, and if possible, exceeding public expectations. 

Short Term Tactical Decisions 

It is not easy to develop a long term strategy for development projects when short term tactical decisions are taken every day to deal with urgent issues. As a resource to National Governments, Remus adopts an advisory role to help shape short term decisions whilst keeping a focus on long term goals. The situation is always dynamic and sometimes changing daily and so the temptation to “Put out Today’s Fire” and disregard the implications for tomorrow is great. Remus provides a Strategic Framework from within which tactical decisions can be taken. This solves today’s problem without compromising tomorrow. 

Long Term Strategic Decisions 

Remus looks to addressing a National Governments needs on a long term basis and in a manner which is truly sustainable, thus not requiring foreign intervention in the form of finance and operational expertise. Taking a forward view of the needs for the next 25 years, for example, requires some complex analysis and a realistic view of how a country is foreseen to develop and grow over the same timeframe.

There is no right or wrong answer, only a view which assumes certain scenarios of population growth as well as economic development. At Remus we keep a practical focus to ensure the chosen Strategic Goals can actually be achieved in a meaningful timeframe and with tangible benefits to the local population. A shared vision with our National Government Clientele is the key ingredient to success.  Thus Remus looks to “Build Capacity” in all the projects it conducts with a firm focus of the needs of the next generation. 

Communicating with key Stakeholders 

Often underestimated by the most forward thinking of governments, and yet critically important, the team at Remus can help governments articulate their chosen strategy to their voting public and key stakeholders, both nationally and internationally. The support and understanding of this broad community of people can be key to achieving the defined and agreed upon Strategic Goals. 

The challenges to most National Governments are of such scale and complexity that to overcome these challenges requires a set of strategic goals which are practical, forward looking ,feasible to implement and above all clearly understood.