Welcome to Remus Corporation

Vision - "A New Dawn for Humanity"

Remus Corporation was established with a view to be “An Agent for Change” in supporting National Governments to meet their long term development goals on a sustainable basis.
Our main area of focus is to leverage our Industrial Expertise in Petroleum, Construction, Infrastructure and the Medical Sciences to help National Governments of developing nation states provide accessible, internationally accredited standards of healthcare to their citizens.
Based on recent published statistical data more than 35% of the worlds population do not have access to accredited healthcare, representing 2.8 billion people. We feel it is the responsibility of elected governments, where democracy exists, to provide a sustainable and healthier future for their people. The moral obligation however belongs to all of us who have the possibility to contribute to a better future for mankind.
In 2018 Remus Corporation begins its journey to create a Global Healthcare Highway accessible from any geographical location on the planet where mobile technology is utilisable. Over the next 20 years Remus will, through its turn key National Health Programme, delivered through Smart Healthcare Cities and On - line Services, render accredited healthcare accessible to more than 400 million people, circa 5% of the worldʹs population.
In so doing “A New Dawn for Humanity” is unveiled in all its glory...
Mr. Sath Kanagarajah
Chief Executive Officer
Remus Corporation